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Welcome To Niger Garden City
A 21st century city in the very heart of South Eastern and South-south Nigeria. A city that embodies Nigerian Identity, being situated right beside the flowing River Niger; one of the country’s most iconic landmarks. A city that matches any other of its kind worldwide in terms of its innovative residential, commercial and socio-economic infrastructure. Welcome home to the Niger Garden City, a Paradise by the River Niger and a Nigerian City for the World. The Niger Garden city offers a totally new and innovative environment to South-eastern, South-Southern Nigeria and it's indigenes through a well planned development process that imbibes an ecologically ‘green’ and sustainable environment.
A friendly city that lives for you!
Our Work Culture
We believe that happy and enthusiastic employees are the key to our success. Upholding this belief, we offer a vibrant and open work environment where working turns out to be more pleasure, less pressure
We Have a Friendly Environment
Ours is a friendly, relaxed but result-oriented atmosphere where hard work and self-initiative are valued.
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